Solar Services and Maintenance

CBI Solar’s team of highly skilled professionals will monitor solar system operations and optimize performance in a timely manner. As dedicated solar professionals it is our responsibility to ensure the projects we have completed and commissioned are maintained to meet performance standards with strong workmanship.

Helping You Get the Most Out of Your Solar Decision

Solar Support

Performance Testing
Equipment Data Analysis
Technical Service Assistance
Service Strategy Development

Service Calls

Solar Panel Maintenance & Repair
Solar Panel Cleaning
System Installs & Configuration
Solar Roof Leak Repair

Existing Unit Repair

Solar Power System Repair
Preventative Maintenance
Capacity Monitoring
Production & Bill Analysis

Solar Services and Maintenance for Clients Across Western Canada

You got into solar for clean energy but also to make money! If your systems are broken or not producing the way they should be, you won’t be maximizing on your investment. Our solar experts are here to ensure your system operates efficiently and safely using industry best practice.

Is your system in need of repair or maintenance? Maybe you’re not even sure. We can dispatch a qualified technician to run diagnostics and fix any issues.

Do you know how much your solar is producing? How often do you service your solar system? We offer specialized service plans and monitoring to keep your panels producing high and your electricity bill low.

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