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The world of solar advancements is ever-growing and home vehicle charging is the way of the future. Owning an electric car that is charged by a solar power system is a premium way to ensure your transportation is both cost-efficient and emissions-free.

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to move away from traditional internal combustion engines, we will see an increased demand for the fast and efficient charging of units.

CBI is dedicated to providing EV owners the ability to future-proof their homes in a smart and reliable way, that meets the highest safety standards in the industry.

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honest home ASSESSMENT

We take pride in clearly explaining and navigating the often foggy landscape of which PV system and install is right for you. As leading experts in the field, our solar professionals offer free home assessments to help you choose the optimal size and type of system that would enable you to receive the maximum benefits of your home charging station.

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superior Installation

It is our goal to provide you with verifiable information and ensure your install is placed not only with thought, but is also safe and easy to use. Tailoring each placement according to our client’s EV type and size, we secure the appropriate variety that best meets your needs, and allows you to track usage data, manage your settings and access multiple smart features, right from home. Dedicated to making your life easier, our experts will have your charging unit installed safely and effectively, in very little time.


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Top of the line products

We’ve partnered with Canada’s top manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations to offer you seamless charging wherever you are. FLO is one of the largest EV charging networks in North America. Made in Canada, FLO Home is designed to thrive in the harshest weather conditions. It is perfectly adapted to Canadian winters thanks to its sturdy, waterproof aluminum casing. Their home charging station is compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and includes advanced safety features, including integrated arc fault protection. FLO Home is certified to operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 50°C making it the ideal choice for Canadians.

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